The Future

I just took my first test drive in the new Jetta Sportwagen this afternoon. After hearing great reviews, I had to try out the first one that came in on the lot. What was the test drive like? Amazing. I’m still partial to the older TDI engines; Simple, easy to work on, and efficient. What VW has done with the new 2.0 CRD engine, however, makes it feel more like a luxury sports sedan, and a little less like a tractor…
This compact SUV, however, might be the future! The Cross Coupe’ is VW’s new concept car. Having been late to the game in Hybrid technology, VW has taken it a step further, coupling a TDI engine with two electric motors. What do electric motors and diesel engines have in common? Loads of torque. Enough torque, in fact, to give this trio a combined 516 lbs of torque! One electric motor is coupled to the front engine. The other sends its power to the rear wheels.
What do we think about this new Volkswagen? It seems like the answer to the future of the automobile. Its a sign that the automobile is evolving, and that this is the next step in the right direction. Its not far off from the original TDI VWs. They were ahead of their time and probably somewhat distrusted by American consumers. On the other hand, Diesel engines are inherently simple machines, and coupling them with technology might throw some consumers off. How will consumers treat the new diesels? We’ll let the market decide!

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